QT Update

Not too much to talk about this past week.  It was mainly spent getting both the Display Tank (DT) and Quarantine Tank (QT) where they needed to be to officially start the timers.  Over the course of the week I slowly raised the temperature of the DT to 80.6.  This will cut the fallow (fishless) […]

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RIP Dori and Bubbles

Sadly the Yellow Tang, Bubbles, didn’t make it through the night. And Dori, the Blue Tang passed this afternoon. Tangs are known to tolerate copper treatment pretty well. We are guessing whatever bacterial infection or parasite that made them sick, already began doing a number on their system. Then they were stressed and shocked by […]

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Fish in QT

Another reason to quarantine your fish… You’ll never need to break a tank down to try getting all of them out of it! It was an ordeal, but all the fish are now in QT. I have a spreadsheet to track what I need to dose each day and the parameters I need to keep. […]

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Quarantine (QT) and Going Fallow

As stated in my post yesterday, my tank has ich.  And likely other parasites as well.  It’s a hard lesson to learn that you should always quarantine your fish.  There are two things I need to do now: Cure/medicate the fish Clean the 75 Gallon of all parasites To quarantine and medicate the fish, I’m […]

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So, like most things in my life, I need to learn things the hard way.  The Blue Tang continues to go through cycles where he looks like crap and has white spots all over him.  I knew it wasn’t Velvet as that would have killed the entire tank already.  I didn’t think it was Ich […]

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End of August Update

I’ve been learning a lot about phosphates and how GFO works this week. I won’t pretend to know it all, but basically it sounds like the argon in the GFO will pull out phosphates to the point it is in equilibrium with the phosphates in the tank. Or at least that is where it likes […]

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Mid-August Update

We went on a short family vacation earlier in the week, which is why I wasn’t able to post anything earlier.  The tank is still looking good and I was able to get some better pictures of the new fish.  I was thinking back about what took place since the last post, and while nothing […]

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New Fish

Had a fun trip to the LFS with the family. Came home with some new pets and a bunch of new clean-up crew. So far everything is doing good, although one fish is shy and still hiding out. First up, we got some monster snails. These things are HUGE! Actually, a little too big. I […]

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Plumbing Update!

Last week I mentioned how loud the dorso drain was. It was obnoxiously loud. From everything I read online, the main issue was that the return was sending more water to the display than the dorso could drain back into the sump. This would cause the water level in the overflow to rise and the […]

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Keeping Steady

Not much went on this week, but next week is shaping up to be interesting. The durso overflow has started making a lot of noise. Gurgling or like a toilet flushing. Seems to be due to the return pump putting more water in the tank quicker than the drain can remove it. Therefore I’m going […]

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